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About Us

At Reyes Boodhun Co Ltd, we believe that YOU should always be in control of who enters your property.

Our goal is to become the leading home automation/security company in Mauritius, not only to those who can afford it but to the mass population. In simple words, we strive to maintain quality with affordable price.

Our promise to each and every of our clients is to to provide you with the top-quality service that is expected from us before, during, and after your gate motor installation has been completed.

Our Mission
To be the leading supplier of security and automated products by providing innovative solutions and making our products accessible to everyone.
Our Vision
To build a safe and beautiful community.

Our 5 Core Values


We don’t hide anything and are
always upfront with you.


We respect you and welcome your
ideas, opinions, and feedback.


We strive for the best, not just in our products,
but also in our service to you.


We value our team and community,
working together towards success.


Honest and ethical in our actions,
this is the type of business that we are.




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