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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a free survey to make sure our gate motor will be compatible with your gate as well as (ground works) prior to installation.

Yes, one year guarantee is issued to our client, provided that the installation is done by our technician(s).

The reason being our technicians are trained and knowledgeable when it comes to our products. Otherwise, a simple cable issue or technical connection wrongly done can impact the performance of the gate motor, to which our company or the motor itself might not be liable to.

Yes, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore, apart from quality products, we believe in providing you with excellent service during and after the warranty period.

We have our own manufacturer that produces our gate motors. The advantage with this concept is that we always have the main spare part (the motherboard of the gate motor) available which is less costly as compared to having to replace the entire motor. In a way, you can say that our brand is Reyes Boodhun.
As for the origin, we outsource our production to China, with a strict emphasis on quality and standard, making sure that, overall, our products are of high quality.

Yes, we have spare parts. Our products are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which means that we have our own manufacturers that work on developing our products, hence, we can provide spare parts.

This is beneficial for you since in case there is a problem found with any product after the 1-year guarantee, you will only need to replace the defective part instead of purchasing a brand new product, which also leads to cheaper costs.

Our gate motor can support a gate of up to 1300 Kg.

No, the dimensions of the gate is not an issue as long as the gate is less than 1300Kg.

Our sliding gate motor does not come with a backup battery, but it does come with a manual release key so that it can be opened manually.

Yes, our sliding gate motor comes with two manual release keys so that it can be opened manually. Please note that the manual release keys are unique for each motor. It’s recommended to make a few copies as soon as you install the motor.

As a policy of our company, our technicians are trained to work only with our products, which are our own brand (the Reyes Boodhun brand).

The advantage of our brand is that we offer after-sales and have spare parts available




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